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Car Hire vs. X Car – which one’s for you?

You’re heading off on a weekend away, your accommodation is booked, itinerary is planned and you’ve even selected a few restaurants to visit. But what about transportation around the city? Do you book with your regular car hire provider or opt for something different? With the rise of services such as X Car that enable you to hire a vehicle for as little as a few hours, it may seem that this is the cheapest way to get around, and we thought so too. So, what’s X Car? X Car is a ‘car rental agency ’ that allows you to hire a car for short periods of time (even just a few hours). You can sign up to monthly or yearly memberships that allow you to use the service in locations the cars operate. Ideal for travellers or commuters that require a vehicle for a short period of time. Or are they? We selected 5 States across UAE to compare the cost of hiring a car for three days, versus using a X Car for 15 hours over 3 days. Using the same weekend in January, we compared the cost o

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost Having an unusual visit all over UAE in a stylish Rolls Royce Ghost away from work and the usual routine is not to be missed. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a luxury car brand of the English Rolls-Royce, a subsidiary of German producer BMW. This car is now a standout among the most costly autos in the world. Underneath, there are some fascinating points of interest of the Rolls Royce Ghost . The first generation and the Rolls Royce Ghost's design As the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a luxury saloon, designed by Andreas Thurner and engineered by Helmut Riedl, the Rolls Royce has always been considered as the greatest vehicle for decades. If you want to spend an exceptional experience, the Ghost model is the best one. The interior design of the Ghost : it is thoroughly upgraded inside as it is full Ivory. It combines visionary engineering and advanced technology. With the best inside materials, everyone could feel very comfortable. It features a suitably

Ferrari California

Ferrari California Could this be the most usable Ferrari in history? Quite possibly!  The Ferrari California   is the entry level Ferrari sporting a front engined twin turbo V8 (also seen our  Ferrari 488 GTB ) but what makes the California T so special is not only the 4 seats, but the hard top folding roof. A real favorite to car enthusiasts who love the Ferrari feeling, but still need to be practical day in day out. The more I think about this car, the harder it is to find where to start. You’ve got technology passed down from the great Ferrari LaFerrari, an engine that is used in almost all of Ferrari’s current product line, and Italian looks to make every head turn.  Let’s start with the Ferrari fans that ‘claim’ the California T isn’t a ‘real’ Ferrari. Sounds like an odd place to start. But if you haven’t experienced the exhilarating nature of pushing the throttle peddle in a Ferrari, then I think it’s important to start here. The California T is a true sports G