Porsche Boxster Rental in Dubai

Porsche Boxster Rental in Dubai for the price of 499 AED Per day. Rent this brand new sports car from X Car Rental now and get your instant discount of 300 AED. Furthermore instant delivery to anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates. As Boxster is a 2 door sports car so best for those who loves exotic cars.


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  2. The best luxury car rental Dubai with comprehensive insurance and offers the best family cars in Dubai. We can help you find your perfect car.

    Make certain you rent from reputable companies.
    Take video and/or images of the automobile at their facility, making a note of any dents, stone chips, wheel scratches, and so on, and document your findings with the firm.
    Leave Your Passport as a Guarantee.
    Adhere to speed restrictions because violations result in more than simply a fine.
    It may even result in incarceration if you exceed the speed limit.
    There have been numerous reports of tourists finding themselves in jail and paying exorbitant fines for speeding.
    Be respectful of the neighbourhood you're driving in, and if you're driving a sports vehicle, don't rev the engine in traffic and make a scene.


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